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Hi everyone,

Today I’m announcing that my first book ‘The Weight of Shadows’ is going to be made available for FREE on Amazon Kindle from Sunday 1st October to Tuesday 3rd October (the exact timing is subject to Amazon’s internal clock).

Over the next month, I’ll be announcing some other opportunities for potential readers, including those not using a Kindle.

I’m also going to keep the book available for FREE within Kindle Unlimited.

I’m really pleased with the reaction that the book has received in the reviews to date. But I hope this offer and the competition below will entice many more of you to give my book a chance and tempt you into reviewing it.

With that in mind, I want to introduce a competition for ALL REVIEWERS of the book since it was published in July 2017:


By 31st December 2017:

You can confirm your entry by sending me an email at


FIVE randomly selected reviewers will receive not only a signed copy of ‘The Weight of Shadows’ but they will also receive a signed copy of the second book in the series.

This second book (I hope) will be available by Christmas 2017, so I plan to announce the winners by Friday 12th January 2018. I will request postal addresses at that time. Assuming there’s no delay in the second book, I plan to send both books to each winner on Wednesday 24th January 2018.

Good luck to everyone.

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