Support For Authors – Amazon Reviews

Support For Authors – Amazon Reviews

Amazon reviews are one of the most critical items that authors need to get their head around. In (very) simple terms, Amazon has multiple sites that independently record reviews. A review in one site is not added to another which means they are not taken into account on the other sites. If you want to sell books internationally you need your reviewers to add their review into the Amazon site of the market you’re targeting.

Without discussing any technicalities on this blog I thought it might be helpful to explain how a reviewer can easily add their review to two different Amazon sites.

In the example below we will be an user who has added a review on my book wanting to add a review in To do this the other way, simply do the same from

Step 1 – Once logged in, go to your review on

Step 2 – Copy the text in the main text box of your review

Step 3 – Go to the main review page for the book and scroll to the bottom to find the link that appears like this:

This sends you to the main review page of the same book on

Step 4 – There is a button beside the review analysis named ‘Write a review’ which appears like this:

Press the button and you’re taken to the normal page to add your review.

Step 5 – Add the stars, place the cursor in the first text box (that says ‘Write your review here’) and ‘paste’ your text into the box. Add a title in the box that says ‘Headline for your review’ and press the ‘Submit’ button.

Once through processing, the review will now be in both Amazon sites.

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