Hair Past A Freckle Review – The Weight of Shadows

Hair Past A Freckle Review – The Weight of Shadows

Karen, from the amazing ‘Hair Past A Freckle’ blog has very kindly reviewed ‘The Weight of Shadows’.

Please read her incredible full review here.

Karen has mentioned how the book is looking ‘at the relationship between light and dark, how somebody is affected by a life in the shadows and whether they can find retribution and perhaps forgive themselves.’ I really couldn’t have written this sentence about this aspect of the book any better. It’s a core theme, which pervades the book and many story arcs and one I’ll be carrying through the series. For me, the question of ‘right and wrong’ is fascinating and I’ll try to expand on this in some future blog entries.

In Linda Hill’s interview last year, here is a question and answer to consider:

If anyone wants to ask me a question about how the book/series is discussing the subject then I really would love to answer it.


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