The Weight of Shadows – RRBC February Book of the Month

Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone at the Rave Review Book Club (RRBC) for making ‘The Weight of Shadows’ one of the February Books of the Month.

Here is a link to the RRBC page

The RRBC is a fantastic Indie Authors club. You can find out much more at the FAQs page here.

On Twitter you can find how the members actively help each other with the hashtag #RRBC.

2 thoughts on “The Weight of Shadows – RRBC February Book of the Month”

  1. Well done on the Rave Review review! I am thoroughly enjoying ‘The Wait for Shadows’ – the second book in the Shadow Series!!

    1. Thank you Denise.

      Very exciting news as RRBC is a great book club for indie authors.

      Pleased you’re enjoying ‘The Wait for Shadows’. I have some review news to post on this soon.

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