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Stacy’s review of ‘The Weight of Shadows’

Stacy, is on of the team at the amazing book blog, Two Gals and a Book. She has reviewed ‘The Weight of Shadows’ and given it 5 Stars. The review has been posted on Goodreads here. Thank you, Stacy

Whispering Stories – ‘The Weight of Shadows’ review

Clive, one of the reviewers at the brilliant ‘Whispering Stories’ book blog run by Stacey, have reviewed ‘The Weight of Shadows’. You can see their review here. Thank you so much for giving the first book in the ‘Shadow Series’ a go.

Sandy’s review of ‘The Weight of Shadows’

Sandy is a fantastic book reviewer based in Canada. You can find her on Twitter at @rowingwabbit. She has given ‘The Weight of Shadows’ a 4.5 Star review, which you can find here on Goodreads. Thank you so much, Sandy … blown away by your review.

The Weight of Shadows – RRBC February Book of the Month

Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone at the Rave Review Book Club (RRBC) for making ‘The Weight of Shadows’ one of the February Books of the Month. Here is a link to the RRBC page The RRBC is a fantastic Indie Authors club. You can find out much more at the…
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Hair Past A Freckle Review – The Weight of Shadows

Karen, from the amazing ‘Hair Past A Freckle’ blog has very kindly reviewed ‘The Weight of Shadows’. Please read her incredible full review here. Karen has mentioned how the book is looking ‘at the relationship between light and dark, how somebody is affected by a life in the shadows and whether they can find retribution and…
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Support for Authors – Art

I’ve been tweeting to try and support the posting of reviews for all authors. The tweets have consisted of two pieces of art that I thought you might be interested to know a little more about. This is a pastel drawing by Édouard Vuillard, a French artist and printmaker. It was completed circa 1914-1915. It is…
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Amazon Review – Aspiring Author

Thank you to ‘Aspiring Author’ for the superb 5 star review on Amazon today.  

Amazon Reviews – More 5 Star reviews

Some more 5 star reviews of ‘The Weight of Shadows’ on Amazon. Thank you for these great reviews

Book Review – Book Inspector

Raminta, from the brilliant ‘Book Inspector’ book blog has reviewed ‘The Weight of Shadows‘. Please read the full review here. Thank you so much Raminta.

Support For Authors – Amazon Reviews

Amazon reviews are one of the most critical items that authors need to get their head around. In (very) simple terms, Amazon has multiple sites that independently record reviews. A review in one site is not added to another which means they are not taken into account on the other sites. If you want to…
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