Shadow Club

Welcome to the Shadow Club. Joining is free. Just click the image above.

Once you enter, you’ll receive a ‘BookFunnel’ download link to a FREE copy of ‘The Weight of Shadows’, the first book in the ‘Shadow Series’.

I’ll be sending out a regular newsletter with giveaways, exclusive content and unique insights into my writing world. I’ll also include some members-only special offers and competitions.

Current ‘Shadow Club’ Members Free Competition

Four members of the Shadow Club will win one of the four books above:

– The Puppet Show by M. W. Craven;

– Mindhunter by John Douglas & Mark Olshaker;

– In A House of Lies by Ian Rankin;

– The Devil’s Dice by Roz Watkins;

I’ll announce the winners in my February 2020 email to members.

Please just join the ‘Shadow Club’ for the chance to win.